Disrupt Candy

3D Printers Make the Impossible Possible: Your Very Own Head on a PEZ Dispenser

(Photo: DVice)

PEZ dispensers are one of those nostalgia-ridden cultural symbols that recall a simpler time when life was about sugary candy and Pokemon cards and all those other things co-opted by BuzzFeed’s Rewind vertical. Who among us hasn’t dreamed of having your very own PEZ dispenser, complete with your head affixed gloriously atop that world-changing candy delivery system? Read More

Disrupt This

Jack Dorsey Shills for the Important Cause of Disrupting Candy

(Photo: YouTube)

There are many industries worthy of large-scale disruption, including dry cleaning and the line at Shake Shack. But one crucial industry that Betabeat forgot to mention in our list of things we wish techies would disrupt? Candy. How could we forget?

According to All Things D, a coterie of celebrities–including bus-riding Square cofounder Jack Dorsey, model Gisele Bundchen and full-time Boston tour guide Matt Damon–have teamed up to sing the praises of a new candy company. Unreal Candy purports to be a natural, non-corn-syrup alternative to the gross chemical-laden stuff that somehow still tempts you every time you enter a bodega. Read More