Woman Steals $1,700 from Disabled Mother to Feed Candy Crush Addiction

You can check out any time you like, but you can never leeeave! (Screengrab: iTunes)

The love of a family is life’s greatest blessing, they say.

In other news, a completely grown-up UK woman stole over £1,000 (US$1,705) from her disabled mother to feed her crazy Candy Crush addiction, the Telegraph reports.

The 45-year-old woman, Sally-Anne Turner, had access to her mother’s bank account when she acted as her caregiver. The mother noticed money disappearing from her bank account between February 2012 and January 2014, coincidentally during the time that her daughter “became addicted to Candy Crush Saga and other online gaming sites.” Read More

Unproven Thieries

Video Game Writers, Stop Dismissing Free-to-Play Games

A still from Clash of the Clans. (Photo via Flickr)

Question: You are a writer, tasked with analyzing popular culture for the purposes of edification, attention and profit. You’re going about your business, which likely consists of lamenting the lack of innovation in your chosen field. All of a sudden, something actually unexpected happens. A new genre emerges, instantly capturing the attention of audiences around the world with a basic structure that represents a radical departure from most everything on the market. What do you do?

The answer, of course, is to dismiss it as anathema, a dangerous threat to all that is good in the world and a pathetic diversion of the unwashed masses. Tried and true.

That’s what the world of traditional videogame journalism has decided to do regarding free-to-play mobile games, which happen to include some of the most popular games on Earth, enjoyed by millions. Read More

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Professor: Teens Playing ‘Candy Crush’ Could Have Gambling Problems Later

CLASSIFIED (Photo: Candy Crush)

Important people in Britain are cautioning that children playing online gambling games like “Candy Crush” could see problems like transparently pale skin and failure to lose their virginity as they transition into adulthood.

Not really, but the worrywarts over there claim that teenagers who are hooked on online games and apps could increase their chances of having gambling problems later in life. Read More


Last Night Candy Crush Launched a Line of Real Candy at Dylan’s Candy Bar

Someone RESCUE HER. (Photo: Candy Crush)

“The minute I heard about Candy Crush, I though it was a candy or a soda,” said Dylan’s Candy Bar proprietor Dylan Lauren. “So I’m pretty, like, surprised that they didn’t launch a candy earlier.”

Ms. Lauren was presiding over a small party at her Candy Land-like temple to sugar yesterday evening, in honor of the launch of a line of Candy Crush-branded candies. Boxes are $4 a pop and available in four flavors; Dylan’s Candy Bar will sell them beginning Nov. 1, before they roll out to retailers including WalMart in the following days, WWD reports. Read More


Booting Up: Candy Crush Is Going Public So Ruminate About That For A While

Candy crushed. (Photo: King)

John Thompson, the man who is responsible for picking Microsoft’s new CEO, doesn’t want the job. In an email to the reporter, he wrote “NO!” in response to the query. [Wall Street Journal]

Candy Crush’s parent company,, filed for a “secret” IPO yesterday. Hope everyone’s ready for another Zynga-like rise and collapse. [Valleywag]

If you guessed $1.6 billion quarterly loss for BlackBerry, well that would be oddly specific, but you’d be correct! Start writing your eulogy now. [TechCrunch]

A new study reports that the BBC is the most engaged news brand (ugh) on Twitter, while BuzzFeed tops on Facebook. [The Wrap]

We’re sure ISPs are bristling with excitement over Netflix’s plan to offer “Super HD” video format to subscribers. [CNet]


Call Your Mom But She Probably Won’t Answer Because She’s Playing Candy Crush

Be with you in a minute.

By now, you’ve probably become a complete slave to Candy Crush, the mind-numbing game that will leave you seeing replicating chocolates everywhere you look. One analyst estimates it’s generating $633,000 per day for the company that created it. Woe unto Zynga!

But guess what? You’re not alone, because no one is more obsessed with Candy Crush than moms. Exhibit A: Twitter, which is overrun with people complaining that they’ve basically been abandoned in favor of the mad addictive game.

Hey, at least that’s one more person you can beg for extra lives: Read More

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I Can’t Stop Playing Candy Crush But That’s a Ridiculous Reason to IPO


Screw the tasteful minimalism of Dots: I am completely, hopelessly addicted to the gloriously tacky Candy Crush.

I play it on the subway, riding the elevator, in bed trying to fall asleep at night. It’s killing my battery. I’ve resorted to begging friends for additional moves, in hopes of escaping the replicating chocolate squares of level 65.

Nor am I alone in my addiction: According to App Data, it’s currently the most popular app on Facebook. It even makes real money off in-game purchases from desperate obsessives like yours truly.

That’s really not enough to justify an IPO, though. And yet the Wall Street Journal says that’s exactly what the makers of Candy Crush want. Read More