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Study: Dads Are Ogling ‘Teen’ Cam Girls While Moms Drop Kids Off At School

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It’s back to school, and you know who’s most excited? No, it’s not little Bobbie and Suzie who are ready to start the new year with a clean slate. It’s dads, who are making the best of that blessed hour when the missus is dropping the kids off at school by camming with live models.

A study by cam site shows that when the world’s dads suddenly find themselves with alone time in the morning, they’ve been showing up in droves to catch up with their favorite models. Read More

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Yes, There Are Cam Boys: Man Makes Bank Doing Naked Webcam Workouts

Men, amiright? (IMDb)

This column has explored a lot about cam girls — most recently, for instance, I learned that some of them are making around a million bucks a year. But with all this talk about female webcam performers, a number of people have asked me: Are there also webcam boys?

They’re certainly not as numerous as their female counterparts, but yes, male webcam performers exist. After a couple weeks of searching, I managed to track one down. He goes by the name Mike Hard, and he’s a performer on camming site Streamate. He agreed to chat with me about what it’s like to be a cam boy. Read More

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NBC Rejects Porn Site’s Emmy Awards Ad

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Quick: what do you think is the top adult entertainment brand in the world? Playboy? Hustler? PornHub? Turns out, it’s none of the above. That throne belongs to, a lesser-known camming site that has grown to pull in nearly a million dollars in revenue every day.

That little known fact could remain a secret as long as major cable networks have anything to say about it. has been denied from running a relatively tame advertisement during the upcoming Emmy Awards. Megan Morahan of NBC Universal’s ad sales team told them:

I ran your spot by our standards group, and unfortunately we cannot accept advertising for

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