Watch a Smartphone Make an Old Person Very Sad

Confuzzled, not that we blame him. (Photo: screencap)

Even the most devoted of gadget geeks faces a learning curve upon buying a new smartphone. Among those who grew up with rotary phones, however, the curve looks a little more like a sheer rock face. The BBC recently witnessed this firsthand, on a visit to a Cambridge lab that does user testing with the elderly to figure out how to make a friendlier product. Read More

Hack Hack Hack Hack It Apart

Hackers ‘Team GhostShell’ Leak 120,000 Records From 100 Major Universities


Team GhostShell returned late Monday with Project WestWind: a leak of 120,000 records from 100 major universities around the world.

Team GhostShell is the hacking group behind Project Hellfire, which launched in August this year. Project Hellfire lifted 1 million accounts from 100 websites around the world, compromising data from the CIA and from Wall Street.

The hacked data leaked in Project WestWind does indeed appear to come from a who’s who of major learning institutions. They include Harvard, Cambridge, Princeton, Tokyo University, Cornell and New York University.

In their Pastebin announcement, Team GhostShell said Project WestWind was a serious effort to jump-start a dialogue on the state of higher education today. Apparently this hack wasn’t pranksterism for the lulz, but hacktivism for the greater good: Read More

Shipping Up To Boston

General Assembly Expands to Boston


Looks like the scuttlebutt is fact and General Assembly is expanding to the frigid north. The Boston Globe reports that in June, the tech-campus-cum-coworking-space will launch classes based in the Cambridge Innovation Center, in Kendall Square. Conveniently, the area is also home to a massive talent pool in the form of MIT. We wonder if those Tetris kids are cooking up some kind of startup.

General Assembly hasn’t announced the classes to be offered, but cofounder Adam Pritzker told the Globe that the initial schedule will be arranged by a New York producer and that they’ll likely soon hire a local. In his comments to the paper, Mr. Pritzker was already evangelizing GA to the locals: Read More