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Enterproid, a Startup that Separates the Personal and Professional on Android Devices, Raises $11 M.

We really wanted to use the headline Enterp the Void, but it made no sense.

Enterproid isn’t exactly a name that rolls off the tongue, which is why Betabeat recognized it immediately when we saw TechCrunch post that the New York-based company had raised $11 million in a Series A round from Google Ventures, Comcast, and Qualcomm. The startup uses a platform called Divide to let corporations offer their employees the ability to make distinct professional and personal profiles on the same Android device.

We recognized the name from an interview Betabeat did last week with Kirill Sheynkman, the VC running RTP, a $750 million fund backed by Leonid Boguslavsky, aka Russia’s number two tech investor after Yuri Milner.

At the time, Mr. Sheynkman, who invests in IT, SaaS and cloud computing companies pointed to Enterproid as an outlier in the New York’s mainly consumer-facing tech scene. Read More