Can You Digg It?

Kevin Rose Explains Embarrassing Businessweek Cover: Photog ‘Promised Me He Wouldn’t Use It’

The infamous pic. (Photo: Businessweek)

Last night, Digg founder Kevin Rose announced that he was doing an AMA on Reddit. Following the announcement, he immediately vacated the site and did not return to it for 24 hours. As many of the interested Redditors are refugees from Digg, they did not take kindly to this crucial misunderstanding of how exactly Reddit works. Generally, you don’t announce you’re doing an AMA unless you intend to answer questions at that very moment.

“Kevin just tweeted an Instagram picture at Alcatraz,” wrote one user. “Pretty sure he forgot about this.”

“Maybe it is symbolic of being trapped in an AMA he regrets,” retorted another.

Some time this afternoon, Mr. Rose returned to the thread in order to answer the (mostly indignant) questions that had collected while he was away. Perhaps to make up for his tardiness, he even took the time to record a few video replies to Redditors’ questions. Read More

Spam Wars

Reddit: Ban on Businessweek and The Atlantic Is Temporary


Seems like the folks over at Reddit don’t take too kindly to spammers. The Daily Dot reports that at least five news source domains, including some media heavyweights like The Atlantic and Businessweek, have been banned from Reddit. That doesn’t just mean employees at those companies can’t post links–it means that users can’t post links that include or domains. Read More

Fake Trend Stories

‘Brogramming’ Phenomenon Being Taken Way Too Seriously

BusinessWeek's Douglas MacMillan, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?

BusinessWeek is feeling some backlash from a story on the rise of the brogrammers, programmers who supposedly drink beer and pop their collars and make out with girls, just like frat guys. We love a fake trend story just as much as the next blog, but yeesh. Even we’re starting to get embarrassed. This is like the time the news media thought owling was a thing. “I think BusinessWeek got punk’d,” tweeted TechCrunch’s Alexia Tsotsis.

But did they? At this point, who is in on what joke has gotten rather muddled. Read More

The Tao of Steve

Time Magazine Literally Stops the Presses to Honor Steve Jobs, With Help From His Biographer


Time magazine was almost finished closing its latest issue, which will hit stands Friday, when the news of Steve Jobs’ death broke. So for the first time in what AdWeek says may have been three decades, the magazine stopped the presses. Mr. Jobs’ image now graces the front cover for the eighth and perhaps final time. Its entire ‘feature well’ will also be devoted to covering his legacy.

Businessweek and Newsweek also have special issues planned, the former an ad-free tribute.‘s striking black homepage is also still ad-fee–featuring only an image of Mr. Jobs and quotes mourning his passing–just as it did last night. But Time‘s issue is of particular note because it will feature an essay from Walter Issacson, Mr. Jobs’ biographer, who just had his deadline pushed up by Simon & Schuster.

Mr. Issacson’s essay is behind a paywall, but has excerpted the part where he describes the day Mr. Jobs first tried to pitch him on writing his life’s story. Read More