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Guy Behind Kickstarter Video Game Scam Isn’t Even a Game Developer, Former Employer Says

"Seth Westfall," the creator and cofounder of "Little Monster Productions." (

The man behind the Kickstarter campaign for a game that raised a few thousand dollars before being revealed as a plagiarizer may not even be a game developer, Betabeat has learned.

In a Kickstarter campaign, a man who identifies himself as Seth Westphal claims to be the founder and CEO of an independent gaming studio called Little Monsters Productions. The art for the proposed game was cribbed from other artists on the web and the photos of Little Monsters studios were taken from another independent gaming studio, Burton Design Group.

This morning we spoke with Alfonzo Burton, CEO and creative director of Burton Design Group, who claims to be Mr. Westphal’s former employer.

Mr. Westphal was an office manager, not a game developer, Mr. Burton said, and he was fired in “released from our studio back in February for noncompliance.” Mr. Westphal came in late, didn’t get work done, and didn’t follow procedure, Mr. Burton said. “Seth Westphal is a fraud. Don’t pay him for any games. He’s not a game developer.” Read More