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Man Who Invented Ladyblogs Spends $50/Day on Woman to Rest His Laptop On

(Screencap: THe New Yorker)

Guess who’s back (back again)? It’s Bryan Goldberg, the rather clueless Bleacher Report founder who’s decided his next big moneymaking venture is to spend small amounts of capital on large amounts of work produced in a kitschy Williamsburg apartment by young women writers. The New Yorker has a long feature on Mr. Goldberg and Bustle, the much-maligned women’s site he announced last month in a press release column posted on PandoDaily. Read More

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Man Who’s Never Heard of Ladyblogs Has Amazing Idea Called Starting a Ladyblog

(Photo: Twitter)

Bleacher Report founder Bryan Goldberg has just raised $6.5 million for a site that will cover a topic he knows a ton about: being a woman.

In a post for PandoDaily, Mr. Goldberg expounds upon why he’s becoming the CEO of a publishing company named after a Victorian fashion contraption devised to make women’s butts look shapelier. For one, the current offerings for women online are just hollow replicas of the glossies of yore. Read More

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Is That a Gadget in Your Pocket? Objectifying 25 Male Tech Writers

Sluttin' it up at CES.

News of the first annual Objectify a Male Tech Writer Day swept across the web this morning following an article penned by one of the event’s founders, gaming and social media reporter Leigh Alexander. “From booth babes to harassment, snide comments to double standards, women have often had a hard time feeling comfortable around the tech industry,” she wrote. In order to demonstrate “the absurdity of objectifying people you claim to agree with or support intellectually,” she’s encouraging female tech writers to give gendered compliments or make sexist proclamations to men about their work.

Though the actual Objectify a Male Tech Writer Day isn’t until February 1st, Betabeat–comprised primarily of female writers–could hardly contain ourselves. Here are 25 gendered comments for 25 of our favorite male tech writers. Read More