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What Happened to 3rd Ward?

3rd Ward.

Jessica Holsey was leaving the office of her sustainable event supply company, Susty Party, last Tuesday night when she noticed a large group of people smoking and drinking in the front hallway. Since her business rented a coworking space on the second floor of 3rd Ward, the Brooklyn art studio-cum-teaching-space-cum-design incubator, the sight wasn’t as completely out of place as it may have been in a Midtown law firm, but the swarm of people was still unusual for a weeknight. “They asked me if I had heard that 3rd Ward was going to be shut down at midnight,” Ms. Holsey told The New York Observer. It was already 9 p.m.

Ms. Holsey made a frantic call to her co-founder, Emily Doubilet, still upstairs, to inform her of the news. “She said something like, ‘It’s dead, it’s over, we’ve got to move. Now.” Read More

Brooklyn We Go Hard

At Baby DJ School, Tots Drop Bombs (And Not Just in Their Diapers)

"That's that shit" (Photo:

“My name is Oliver and I’m here to say/I like organic onesies and gluten-free cake,” is just one of the rhyming couplets we imagine Brooklyn babies are incorporating into their sick beats at a new DJ school for babies. Because, yes, Baby DJ School exists nowadays.

It’s an eight-week program for individuals ages three and below. Natalie Elizabeth Weiss, a DJ who’s worked with LCD Soundsystem, Fischerspooner, and other big kids with turntables, will orchestrate the whole thing. Read More

No Sleep Til Brooklyn

Craigslist Poster Wants to Help You Live Out Your ‘Girls’ Fantasies

(Photo: Girls Wikia)

If you’ve recently moved to New York City solely to live out your Girls-themed fantasies (hi!), your apartment hunt is now over. There’s a distressing post on Craigslist looking for one lucky person to pay $1,500 a month for a room in Williamsburg. It already comes furnished with a Hannah (who probably becomes more aggravating as your lease progresses), and a gay roommate “with a penchant for backhanded compliments.” Shut up. Read More

Digital City

New York City Is So Startup It Now Has a Chief Analytics Officer

Bon voyage and happy trails. (Photo: Screencap)

Today Mayor Michael Bloomberg delivered his final State of the City address. Amid wisecracks about the Knowles-Carter family (you might know Barclays Center part owner Shawn Carter “by what he’s been called since the Super Bowl: Beyoncé’s husband”), Hizzoner had plenty to say about the city’s tech sector. Hey, he can’t let President Obama totally blow up his spot.

Below, a few of the big shout-outs: Read More


Paulo Coelho, Author of The Alchemist, Briefly Ripped Off an NYC Startup


Paulo Coehlo, the highly-acclaimed Brazilian novelist behind The Alchemist, has more than 10 million “likes” on his Facebook page and almost 7 million followers on Twitter. A few hours ago, all those social media fans saw Mr. Coehlo share a manifesto on Facebook and Twitter. He also made it the background of his Twitter profile.

Since Mr. Coehlo included his name in big, red font at the bottom of the post, his followers could be forgiven for assuming he had written it. However, the manifesto is actually the copyrighted work of Holstee, a New York City-based lifestyle goods company that describes itself as “pursuing our dream for a sustainable & united planet.”  Read More