Samsung Would Like Its Employees to Please Lay Off the Sauce

Artist's rendering of Samsung HQ. (Photo:

Here’s a little anecdote to throw in the face of any “brogrammer” who gets a little too self-congratulatory about his, like, totally hardcore partying, dude. Apparently, South Korean Samsung employees party so hard that the corporate overlords have had to step in.

The Next Web reports the company has launched an offensive against binge drinking. Samsung has also “banned employees from forcing others to drink, where employees would be told to take drinks down in ‘one shot’ or forced to drink as a punishment.”

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Fake Trend Stories

‘Brogramming’ Phenomenon Being Taken Way Too Seriously

BusinessWeek's Douglas MacMillan, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?

BusinessWeek is feeling some backlash from a story on the rise of the brogrammers, programmers who supposedly drink beer and pop their collars and make out with girls, just like frat guys. We love a fake trend story just as much as the next blog, but yeesh. Even we’re starting to get embarrassed. This is like the time the news media thought owling was a thing. “I think BusinessWeek got punk’d,” tweeted TechCrunch’s Alexia Tsotsis.

But did they? At this point, who is in on what joke has gotten rather muddled. Read More