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PR Exec Leaves Brew Media Relations to Co-Found a Seed Stage Fund in New York City [UPDATED]

Ms. Jean (Photo: LinkedIn)

All roads lead to Silicon Alley, or so it seems these days. You have your Wall Street quant to founder to investor route, your hedge fund to VC route and the Goldman Sachs to seed stage variant. There’s the standard McKinsey analyst to cofounder path, and then the rarer pivot from real estate sales to serial entrepreneur to co-working impressario. We’ve watched the leap from TV news producer to founder. What’s to stop them when even tech bloggers with big swagging … talent at picking companies are crossing the table to get to the other side.

One path you don’t see very often, however, is public relations to angel investing, which is a trajectory Dorothy Jean, vice president at Brew Media Relations, is choosing to pursue with the launch of Liberty City Ventures. Over macaroons in the Flatiron District last week, Ms. Jean–a familiar, smiling presence in startup circles–told Betabeat the fund has raised an undisclosed sum from private investors and already made a couple of investments. Read More

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The Social Networker: Brooke Hammerling’s New York Stock Is Rising

Brooke SF

“I’m not looking to be a PR firm,” Brooke Hammerling, founder of Brew Media Relations, a boutique agency that represents tech startups, said a few weeks ago from her company’s sunny Soho offices. “When I interviewed for jobs at PR agencies, I was given personality tests,” she said. “Seriously, that’s what large agencies do—to see if you’re a dolphin or an owl.” Ms. Hammerling, a vivacious blonde with a raspy laugh and doll-like features, called back to the young women sitting in two rows of desks behind iMac monitors. “What was the test called, the Myers-Briggs?” They giggled in the affirmative. At the neckline of her black silk dress, Ms. Hammerling had the ruddy glow of someone unafraid to spend time in the sun.

“They put you in a room and give you a topic to write a press release about and give you 30 minutes and boom you’re judged on that,” she continued. “And that’s not really how I think of PR.” Ms. Hammerling likes to think of Brew’s services as more strategic. Along with the help of her business partner Dena Cook, who is based in Los Angeles, Brew has represented a striking number of recent success stories to emerge from the tech scene, particularly in New York. Read More