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Tech Celeb Makes Prop-8 Donation; Internet Goes Berserk

Mr. Eich

Last week, a shitstorm erupted in the Twittersphere (as shitstorms are wont to do).  The cause: The discovery that, in 2008, Mozilla co-founder and JavaScript inventor Brendan Eich donated $1,000 to California’s notorious anti-gay-marriage legislation Proposition 8.

This donation isn’t exactly news–the record has been available since 2008, says the LA Times. But last Tuesday the story tore through Twitter like norovirus through a college dorm, and the dust-up is available in all its enraged glory over at Storify. Negative reactions range from Arran Ross-Paterson’s relatively moderate, “Not cool @brendaneich not cool at all projects.latimes.com/prop8…@mozilla” to UX evangelist Aral Balkan’s infuriated, “So I take what I said yesterday back, there’s no way I’ll ever do anything with @mozilla as long as @brendaneich is CTO. #wontworkwithbigots.”(It should be noted that Mozilla’s name was on the record simply because California requires donors to list their employers.) Read More