Law and Order

Student Breaks Into Woman’s House to Browse Facebook, Pee on Her Couch

Facebook = heroin, apparently. (Photo: Howzzdat)

There are many ways to obtain Internet access, particularly as a college student in the United States. If you don’t have a laptop, you can always go to the university library, or borrow a friend’s computer. Or, if you’re an unidentified 18-year-old University of Georgia student, you can break into a woman’s house in order to chill on her couch and browse Facebook on her laptop. Read More

Apple in Your Eye

Recent Robbery at Steve Jobs’ House Probably Wasn’t a Watergate-Style Break In

"You're kidding me." (Photo:</a)

Maybe the Rich Kids of Instagram don’t have to worry about attracting savvy lawbreakers via social media, after all. CNET reports that someone burgled the home of the late Steve Jobs on July 17, snagging $60,000 in loot, much of it computers.

However, it appears that that the crook in question had no idea the significance of the house he’d found, and pretty much just wandered in because it looked promising.

Scott Tsui, Santa Clara County supervising deputy district attorney, told CNET: “Based on the evidence, it looks like just a random burglary where the guy broke in.” The county prosecutor also confirmed that the hapless thief had no idea what he’d stumbled onto.

Either that or secret Samsung agents–on the hunt for patent dirt–are really good at fooling the Santa Clara police.