Space the Final Frontier

Brazilian Fisherman Finds Chunk of Space Rocket In Remote Amazonian River

Here's a scene from a river in Salinópolis, the town where the debris was found. (Wikimedia Commons)

A 73-year-old Brazilian fisherman was going about his day in a remote Amazonian river when lo and behold, he discovered a massive piece of “space junk” submerged in the water, the Guardian reports.

Turns out, the wall-sized panel was a piece of debris from the Ariane 5 rocket, one of Europe’s most sophisticated satellites. The rocket had reportedly launched from the Kourou base in French Guyana last July, the UK Space Agency said. The panel had been part of the satellite’s covering, and probably drifted inland after landing in the Atlantic. Read More

App for That

Google Axes ‘Boyfriend Tracker’ App for Being Way Too Stalky

The app. (Photo: Facebook)

For many Brazilians, learning that the NSA was using its high tech tracking methods to invade their privacy left them rightfully outraged. But when similar spying technology is concocted for home use in an app that can track the whereabouts of a straying mate, who gives a crap about privacy?

Recently, an app called Boyfriend Tracker became a sensation in the South American country with 50,000 downloads in just two months. Read More

App for That

American Man Discovers the Secret to an App’s Success is to Name it ‘Butt Crack’ in Portugese

Not a butt crack. (Photo:

Developer Matt Henderson was confused. Why was his new English-language app called Rego, which lets users bookmark locations, blowing up in Brazil? There had to be some kind of reasonable explanation as to why 25 percent of downloads were originating from the South American country.

So, he did something he probably should’ve done earlier in the creative process: he searched the term Rego. Turns out the word translates to a slang term for “butt crack” in Portuguese, according to a story he  Read More

Here's Apple In Your Eye

You Can Apparently Get an Android-Powered ‘iPhone’ in Brazil

Wealthy man, Mr. Cook (Photo:

This must be going over well in Cupertino: The BBC reports that the Institute of Industrial Property, Brazil’s IP authority, have ruled that Apple does not have the exclusive rights to use the term “iPhone” in the country. That’s because the Brazilian company Gradiente Eletronica registered the trademark seven years before Apple. This means the company can continue to sell its own version of the iPhone which, irony of ironies, runs on Android.  Read More

Planet GOOG

Brazilian Court Orders Google Exec Jailed Over Insulting YouTube Vid

Seriously not kidding. (Photo:

Well, there’s at least one Google executive that might want to hop on the next plane out of Sao Paolo–and it’s not because someone’s cheesed off at Orkut’s seeming frumpy sister status within the company’s social strategy.

Reuters reports that a regional Brazilian elections court wants the company’s top man in Brazil arrested immediately, as YouTube wouldn’t remove a video deemed defamatory of a local mayoral candidate.

“You can do that?!” — every political candidate in America right now. Read More