Facebook Faceoff

Facebook Would Rather Brands Pay for Advertising Than Use Brand Pages

Buddy Media's CEO, Michael Lazerow (flickr.com/leweb3)

In the social marketing space, if you want to be successful, you have to become one of Facebook’s Preferred Developers. Without this corporate badge of honor, your company won’t have access to various Facebook insider perks, like tips on new features and API changes, and direct access to Facebook employees and training.

The PDC program has always been viewed as an olive branch extended to big companies–it’s essentially Facebook’s way of saying they value brands on the platform, so much so that they provide a list of “preferred” companies that can help optimize your brand’s Facebook presence.

But with the advent of Facebook’s new layout, Timeline, the company’s devotion to brands has grown increasingly murkier and rendered some of the most traditional offerings of social marketing companies–like scheduling posts and developing custom landing tabs–far less necessary. Read More