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Last Night at New York Tech Meetup: You’ll Never Have An Excuse to Be Disorganized Again

Gorgeous Sunrise. (Photo: iTunes)

If there’s one takeaway from last night’s New York Tech Meetup, it’s that people’s organizational skills are only as good as the apps they use.

The first app of note to present was TeuxDeux, a “simple, designy to-do app” that wants to disrupt the world of lists. Presented by creator Tina Roth-Eisenberg (a.k.a @swissmiss to her 350,000+ followers), the app is an elegant, responsive and minimalist approach to organizing your day. Just enter the tasks you want to accomplish and mark them off as you complete them. However, if you miss a task, like doing laundry, it’s automatically transferred to the next day and on and on until its completed. (One person near us remarked that it’s “beautiful.”) The subscription-based app is currently only available for iPhones. Read More