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Remorseful Redditors Attempt to Help the Search for Missing Student They Falsely Labeled a Bombing Suspect


As police searched the Boston area early this morning for the suspects in Monday’s bombing, online rumors began to suggest that one of the perpetrators was missing Brown University student Sunil Tripathi, who disappeared on March 16.

Now Reddit users (among the first to speculate about a connection) are trying to right the wrong as best as they can, setting up a page to gather information on Mr. Tripathi’s last known whereabouts. Read More


Overloaded Networks Disrupted Boston Cell Service

(Photo: Screencap)

Whenever something traumatic happens, cell service is almost immediately toast. Everyone reaches for their phone, and networks are overwhelmed.

Today’s events in Boston were no different: Carriers including Sprint and AT&T confirmed to the Boston Globe that customers were likely experiencing problems. Verizon recommended everyone keep all non-emergency communiques to text, to free up capacity, and WiFi worked, too.

But at first, there were questions whether cell phone service might have been shut off, rather than merely swamped. Read More