Booting Up: Wait, Have You Seen How Scary Those Robots That Google Bought Are?

Nope. (Photo: Boston Dynamics/YouTube)

Everything is annoying: Facebook is reportedly going install video ads that will automatically play in a user’s News Feed later this week. [WSJ]

It doesn’t sound like the CEO of LivingSocial knows whether his turnaround plan will work or not. [AdWeek]

There’s now free Wi-Fi in San Francisco but it only works in a three-mile quadrant. [Engadget]

You can unsend messages on Instagram Direct. [BI]

The robots made by Google-owned Boston Dynamics are fucking terrifying. [BGR]


Booting Up: Uber’s Surge Pricing Pissed Off A Lot of People Saturday

Nope. (Photo: Twitter/Zach Seward)

Aol is all but done with Patch, its network of hyperlocal news websites, because CEO Tim Armstrong’s grand plan of tapping into the lucrative local advertising market didn’t materialize. [New York Times]

Saturday’s snowstorm caused Uber to implement its surge pricing model to get more drivers on the road. However, its exorbitant prices angered a lot of people. [New York Post]

Google confirmed that it has acquired Boston Dynamics, a robotic company that makes “eerily realistic animal-like machines.” We’re screwed. [CNBC

Don’t make any sudden movements: Twitter is testing a “nearby” feature to show tweets that are occurring around you. [TechCrunch]

Just 15 months into its existence, Tinder has made 500 million miserable matches. [CNet]