Booting Up: Once More It’s All Facebook, All the Time


LinkedIn finally copped to their password breach, but there are plenty of companies out there who just keep intrusions hushed up. [Reuters]

Japanese mobile games are coming for Zynga’s market share. [Wall Street Journal]

The Silicon Valley Super Friends? Facebook, Google, and Twitter are backing an effort to stop “badware,” a.k.a. malware, bad ads, and the like. [The Next Web]

Facebook’s post quiet-period push to defend its ad business continues with the addition of real-time bidding for advertisers. [Bloomberg]

Speaking of Facebook, the company’s data science team wants to mine all those likes for social science insights. Just remember the old stat maxim, guys: garbage in, garbage out. [Technology Review]

The one thing you apparently can’t do with Facebook: Serve legal papers. Duh, it would go in “other messages.” [Paid Content]

After a flurry of rumors, Samsung swears it’s not building its own version of the social networking site. [The Next Web]


Booting Up: Shaking My Damn Head Edition

An important figure in the history of computing who also happened to be a woman. {

There we were, idly checking our Twitter feed over brunch, when out lept the lede for the Times piece on Kleiner Perkins, Ellen Pao, and Silicon Valley sexism. The opening line: “MEN invented the Internet.” [New York Times]

Ladybeat considered a takedown, but there’s no way we could top what Xeni Jardin has already written. [Boing Boing]

At least they didn’t drag “brogramming” into this. []

Elsewhere on the Internet, Facebook is working on ways for kids younger than 13 to use the social networking site with parental supervision. That’s going to end well. [Wall Street Journal]

Basically admitting the U.S. government was behind Stuxnet is going to have foreign policy fallout. [Ars Technica]

Here’s how Groupon wound up turning down that enormous acquisition offer from Google. It all seems so long ago and far away. [Wall Street Journal]


Booting Up: Facebook’s Messy IPO Edition


This is a little tl;dr, but the key piece of information is this: “In one of the biggest IPOs in history, in which a huge amount of stock was sold to small investors, privileged Wall Street insiders once again got top-notch information…and individuals got the shaft.” Color us shocked. [Business Insider]

A class action suit has been filed against NASDAQ for bungling Facebook stock orders; the SEC and FINRA are investigating issues surrounding the IPO. [Reuters]

Stop using the word ‘innovation.’ [Wall Street Journal]

We have a crush on Apple’s “design genius” Jonathan Ive. [The Telegraph]

“We would like it to be a fundamental tool for the liberation or the acceleration of our own creativity.” – Perry Chen, cofounder of Kickstarter [GigaOm]

Google + privacy makes for a scary story. Plus, “Secrets spilled across the computer screen” is a damn good intro. [New York Times]