Booting Up: Nobody Wants a Stupid Facebook Phone Edition

(Original photo: App Advice)

Deconstructing the myth of the “booth babe.” [Jezebel]

Speaking of myths, the Facebook phone is apparently a reality, which is a shame because nobody wants a stupid Facebook phone. [Bloomberg]

Roku continues getting cozy with pay TV, raises $45 million from News Corps. and BSkyB. [TechCrunch]

Kevin Rose on the new Betaworks incarnation of Digg: “It’s very simple, and there’s a lot of emphasis on real-time.” Version one of the new Digg is set to debut in one week. [GigaOm]

Google is livestreaming its announcement about rolling out a fiber network in Kansas City today. [Google]

Zynga shares tumbled 42 percent yesterday; not even gullible mothers taking care of virtual crops can fix that. [Bloomberg]


The Booth Babe Debate Is Revived in Brooklyn

"Booth babes" at the wireless trade show CTIA. (Photo:

Summer is here, and with it, summer tech conventions, and with them, scantily-dressed women. Last week, the booth babe debate hit Brooklyn when a few women who billed themselves as New York’s “nerdiest burlesque dancers” performed a striptease at SummerCon. In response, technologist and digital rights advocate Amber Baldet, who does burlesque herself, “ragequit” the conference by walking out and penning a lengthy blog post. Read More