$3.5 M. and 31 Days to Go? Kickstarter Has Officially Hit the Tipping Point

Pebble, in action.

We’ll probably end up writing this post eight more times, because this smartwatch project on Kickstarter has already raised $3,521,979 (three million, five hundred twenty-one thousand, nine hundred and seventy-nine dollars) with 31 days (a whole freaking month) to go before time runs out. The startup is nearing its third birthday and recently hit a stretch of mega-hits, including the videogame Double Fine Adventure, which closed at $3,336,371, and the webcomic Order of the Stick, which closed at $1,254,120. Another video game, Wasteland 2, just closed at $2,933,252.

Now this crazy touchscreen smartwatch project, Pebble, is taking Kickstarter to the next level. It raised $1 million in 28 hours (Double Fine hit $1 million faster) and with so much time to go, it boggles our tiny little minds to think of what the final total might be. Especially with those eight more stories we’re going to write about it. Read More