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Elon Musk Asks Boeing If Maybe They Need a Little Help with Those Planes

Mr. Musk, please take my money. (Photo via

Things aren’t looking so great for Boeing right now, as the 787 Dreamliner has morphed into a nightmare. Turns out the lithium ion batteries that were supposed to be such an innovation are showing a distressing tendency to go wrong in one way or another, and the brand new model is currently grounded.

But hey, it’s always darkest before the dawn, right? And it looks like there’s at least one person willing to lend a hand. Via the Next Swiftmoney WebRead More

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Taters on a Plane: Boeing Engineers Use Potatoes To Test In-Flight Wifi

Let us praise the lowly tater. (flickr/graibeard)

The list of things that go well with potatoes is almost endless. We can prove that by noting that now that list even includes wifi. Boeing engineers, in an effort to improve wifi transmission during flight, have been using tons of potatoes to test connectivity and signal distribution.

Boeing uses truckloads of Idaho’s finest because humans apparently have a lot more in common with potatoes than just a tendency to sit there on the couch: Read More