Booting Up: FDA Orders 23AndMe to Halt Sales Of Its Sketchy DNA Tests

Banned. (Photo: 23AndMe)

The FDA is ordering Google-backed 23andMe to stop selling its personalized DNA tests because it doubts the products are backed by science. [USA Today]

If we’re judging by follower counts, likes and comments then ads on Instagram are working. [Digiday]

Flipboard is reportedly close to securing a $50 million funding round. [Fortune]

Blackberry’s COO and CMO have been fired, which is probably an early Christmas gift for them. [Business Insider]

Could Best Buy’s #VineinLine campaign on Twitter for Black Friday lead to people recording their fights and using the hashtag to promote them? Hopefully not! [AllThingsD]


Booting Up: A Mysterious Backer Actually Invested Real Money Into Bitstrips

Never going to die. (Photo:

The latest thinking is that Twitter’s IPO is likely to be priced at the higher range at $25/share before locking in its price tomorrow. [Bloomberg]

Naturally, Bitstrips announced their rich Asian backer in a stupid comic strip. Also, people want to invest in this? [Wall Street Journal]

Blackberry is going to keep plugging along with its handset business since that’s going well. [AllThingsD]

An article on Pocket, “the DVR of the Web,” lasts 37 days before you decide not to read it. [Fast Company]

Apple is adding 2,000 jobs in Arizona with the opening of a manufacturing plant. [Reuters]


Booting Up: Fab’s Website Redesign Makes It Harder to Ignore $130 Bracelets

Fab in a screenshot. (Photo: Fab)

Twitter plans to sell 70 million shares at $17 to $20 each when it debuts its IPO on Nov. 6. The company is worth a “modest” $11 billion–more than AOL and Yelp combined. [New York Times]

Amazon raked $17 billion in revenue last quarter but, again, couldn’t convert that into a profit. Next time! [AllThingsD]

BlackBerry doesn’t “approve of or condone” the spate of suspicious reviews of its BBM app in the Android store, but we’re sure they won’t be mad if you keep saying nice things. [TNW] got a face lift today that features a $17 “Shut the fuck up & do your job” tote. Hmmmm. [AllThingsD]

Twitter formally announced that it has poached Vivian Schiller from NBC News for its Head of News position. [FastCompany]


Booting Up: We Need to Protect the Queen as Startups Flock to London

She LOVES apps.(Photo by Ian Gavan/WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Former Apple CEO John Sculley is reportedly mulling a bid for BlackBerry. [Globe and Mail]

YouTube is planning to a service that’s described as “Spotify with video” later this year. [Billboard]

Amazon’s entry into the set-top box game might miss its scheduled holiday deadline as it scrambles with development delays. [The Verge]

Suck it Silicon Prairie: London is the new leader in patting itself on the back for nurturing tech startups. [New York Times]

ICANN is approving several new top-level domains in the next few weeks including شبكة, 游戏 and онлайн. [BBC]


Booting Up: Twitter Now Lets You Receive DMs From Any Of Your Followers

(Photo: Zimbio)

Apple has picked Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts to serve in a newly created role, overseeing the strategy and operation of its online and retail stores. [New York Times]

Twitter will let you receive direct messages from any on of your followers, regardless if you’re #teamfollowback. This sure sounds like a fun way to get more DM spam. [TechCrunch]

Blackberry issued a letter to customers claiming that it’s “here to stay,” you know, until it collapses. [Reuters]

With your Samsung Galaxy Gear on your right, your left wrist looks bare so Google is rumored to roll out its own smartwatch on Oct. 31. [9to5Google]

Tripadvisor has snapped up DOA startup It will be based in New York and operate under the Smarter Travel brand. [Skift]


Booting Up: BlackBerry Slashes Work Force by 300

The future. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons,by ScaredPoed)

The dissolution of BlackBerry begins: It axed 300 employees from its Canadian headquarters. [AllThingsD]

Here’s a handy chart of the top 17 tech companies and the composition of their boards, with nary a woman in sight. [Valleywag]

San Francisco-based tech companies justify their tax breaks by giving back to the community with cocktail parties. [BuzzFeed FWD]

Dying is launching a live streaming music concert series. [The Verge]

Nielsen’s new Twitter TV Ratings is a “load of crap” that’s designed to make both companies rich. [Defamer]

Antisocial Media

Phantom Phone Vibration Syndrome Is Making Us All Feel Insane

No, there's no one on the other end, you nut.

Remember your first BlackBerry? Remember the creepy feeling that it was vibrating in your pocket when it wasn’t even in your pocket, but instead was in the other room?

Well, it turns out you had an actual condition, a syndrome no less. And phantom phone vibration is still being experienced by lots and lots of people, including 90 percent of college undergrads who took part in a study in 2012, NPR reports. Read More


Booting Up: Candy Crush Is Going Public So Ruminate About That For A While

Candy crushed. (Photo: King)

John Thompson, the man who is responsible for picking Microsoft’s new CEO, doesn’t want the job. In an email to the reporter, he wrote “NO!” in response to the query. [Wall Street Journal]

Candy Crush’s parent company,, filed for a “secret” IPO yesterday. Hope everyone’s ready for another Zynga-like rise and collapse. [Valleywag]

If you guessed $1.6 billion quarterly loss for BlackBerry, well that would be oddly specific, but you’d be correct! Start writing your eulogy now. [TechCrunch]

A new study reports that the BBC is the most engaged news brand (ugh) on Twitter, while BuzzFeed tops on Facebook. [The Wrap]

We’re sure ISPs are bristling with excitement over Netflix’s plan to offer “Super HD” video format to subscribers. [CNet]