Booting Up: Check the Paperwork and Don’t Just Assume You Have Equity, Rookies

You know these girls talk shit.

The director of the NSA stopped by Black Hat to appeal to hackers, and he was promptly heckled by a dude yelling “Freedom!” [Forbes]

The cofounders of Snapchat say Reggie Brown, who helped create the app and is now suing for a piece of the action, never technically had equity to begin with. [TechCrunch]

Netflix is rolling out those individualized profiles today. [AllThingsD]

Fab raised another $10 million. [GigaOm]

“Set designers had constructed faux bridges, a ruined stone castle, a 10-foot Celtic cross, and two broken Roman columns that straddled the altar, beneath the largest tree in the grove. A pen of bunnies was nearby for anyone who needed a cuddle.” [Vanity Fair]

The Internet Makes You Mean

A Former Script Kiddie Puts LulzSec in Perspective

Betabeat team back in the 90s

This a guest post from Brandon Diamond, who blogs at Your Startup Sucks

For one reason or another, everyone on the Internet is talking about LulzSec — the latest and, well… latest cracking sensation. Think Zero Cool meets 4chan for a very twisted, very inappropriate playdate.

Since the whole lulzy affair started, coverage has gradually increased both in frequency and righteousness. And now that LulzSec has since “abandoned ship” (crawling begrudgingly upstairs to bed without Xbox privileges for a week or longer), bloggers everywhere are suddenly locating their respective gonads.

But it’s too little, too late: the attention paid to LulzSec — a group of variously skilled crackers with a proclivity toward anarchy — is disgusting. And dangerous. Read More