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Uggs and North Face Top Google’s Black Friday Searches Because We’re All Sorority Girls

What year is it again? (Photo: Getty)

Come on, guys. Come. On. First we learned yesterday that in 2013, Americans had the lamest taste in music besides Maroon 5-obsessed Singapore. And now, Google has released the top 10 trending gifts from Black Friday and reminded us all that the U.S.A. is a nation of shivering scaredy cats who are still clinging to the heinous trends of 2006.

Huffington Post published the list, and while it’s mostly populated by video games, toys and gadgets, its top two apparel items stuck out to us: UGG boots and the North Face. Read More


UPDATE: Woman’s ‘New’ iPad Air From Target Clearly Used to Belong to Someone Else

Robin and her crappy ass used iPad. (Screengrab: CTV)

In Canada, Black Friday is all topsy turvy. For example, there is no Thanksgiving the day before, so Canadian shoppers don’t get the three-for-one Deadly Sin deal of greed, gluttony and sloth that Americans enjoy on this festive weekend.

And, it turns out, the stuff they buy from Canadian Target actually belongs in a Yard Sale pile or at least a Goodwill, if one lady’s story is correct. Read More

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Study: Americans Gear Up for Black Friday by Fapping

What else are they supposed to do on that line? (Photo: Getty)

If your typical reaction to Black Friday mayhem is a highly nuanced and mature jerking-off hand motion, you may actually be onto something. It turns out that the hours between Thanksgiving dinner and the next day’s bout of mall madness are prime yankin’ it time.

PornHub released some interesting statistics yesterday regarding Internet porn consumption. Some highlights: naughty online activity decreased significantly throughout christendom on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day last year; American porn-watching decreased by about 8 percent on Valentine’s Day this year; and the least popular holiday for porn is New Year’s Eve, which is surprising, because that particular day of the year is usually all about disappointing endings. Read More

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Black Friday Report: Ideeli Doubles Weekend Revenue Over 2010

Ideeli CEO Paul Hurley

Just a quick hit from the front lines of the e-commerce madness. One of New York’s big daily deal players, ideeli, just fired off an email on their Black Friday sales. The economy as a whole may be in the toilet, but that’s not showing up in their numbers.

  • ideeli doubled revenue over last year for the Black Friday weekend.
  • Visits to the site were up 30% over last year during the same period.
  • Conversion rate was up 50%. Not only did more customers visit, they bought more.
  • Over the Black Friday weekend, mobile traffic was double compared to same period last year. ideeli is now seeing over 20% in sales coming from mobile devices.
  • Cyber Monday sales were up 36% as of 2pm yesterday.

The dark economic climate may in fact be contributing to ideeli’s success. Read More

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Digital Black Friday: When Every Site Becomes a Flash Deal Site


Black Friday always blows up on Twitter. But some shoppers are using Twitter to find out about real time deals. “This is the first ‘Twitter holiday,'” pronounced Hayes Davis, Founder and CEO of Appotize, after Thanksgiving 2009 in a New York Post story about virtual sales. “This is the time where people are going to leverage this tool and the real-time nature of it.” Retailers are taking the concept of “real time” seriously. One trend among vendors is offering deals “for a limited time”–in some cases, as little as an hour–to get shoppers to jump at the offers. Read More