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Bitly CEO Not Surprised Twitter Finally Bought Its Own Tweet-Marketing Group

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Twitter announced yesterday that it’s acquiring Gnip, a company that analyzes tweets, Facebook likes and Tumblr reblogs for marketers.

It seems like an obvious move. Why should Twitter sit by and let third-party companies profit from its massive content output without getting in on the fun? Still, marketing groups like Gnip have been profiting from social media companies for some time. Twitter is only the most recent in a line of tech startups trying to get in on the action.

Bitly, too, sat on its own database of social behavior data for years before recently making moves to license it. So Bitly CEO Mark Josephson isn’t surprised by the Twitter acquisition. Read More

Exit This Way

Changes at Bitly as New CEO Mark Josephson Joins and Chief Scientist Hilary Mason Departs for Accel

Mr. Josephson (Photo: Flickr)

Bitly, the New York-based link-shortening and data analytics service, announced two big changes at the executive level this week. Yesterday, chief scientist Hilary Mason, who is arguably Bitly’s most visible employee, announced she would be moving on from the company to become the first ever data scientist in residence at venture firm Accel Partners. Though she’s been an advisor to Accel’s Big Data Fund since 2011, Ms. Mason is leaving Bitly to join Accel full time, where she will help to advise portfolio companies and evaluate potential investment areas. Read More

The Data Deluge

Hilary Mason Breaks Down Bitly’s Social Data APIs for Real-Time Search and Attention Spikes


We’ve expected some big (data) developements from Bitly since the New York startup announced a $15 million Series C led by Khosla Ventures July. Today, chief data scientist Hilary Mason is finally ready to show you what they’re working with, empirically speaking.

The company announced the launch of three new data APIs that will radically boost the utility of the service for consumers and business clients. And it’s not even your birthday, data nerds! Read More

Fresh Capital

Bitly Raises $15 M. Round from Khosla Ventures After Giving Consumers a Reason to Subscribe

Peter Stern

Bitly CEO Peter Stern, who once told Betabeat he’s been in the process of raising funds ever since he joined the company, finally has a milestone to announce. The company has raised a $15 million Series C led by Vinod Khosla at Khosla Ventures.

“[Mr. Kholsa] has been fascinated with the growth of Bitly all along,” Mr. Stern said by phone this afternoon. “Fascinated with this kind of invisible glue that enables people to share in social media and the insight that you can extract from doing that at scale and thinking about what kind of services and products you can offer consumers to grow that set even more.”

Mr. Stern said he has been in contact with Mr. Kholsa for a while. A Series C has been expected since Bitly raised a $1.4 million convertible note in March. Previous investors RRE and OATV also participated in this round. Read More


Rejoice! Bitly Reinstitutes Easy Link Shortening


We have to hand it to Bitly–instead of recoiling from the massive outpouring of distaste for its new redesign, the link-shortener-turned-social-network has translated user feedback into site design action. The company already responded to user complaints with bitmark revamps last week, but in a post on its blog today, Bitly announced that it has reinstated easier link shortening, effectively squashing the majority of complaints users had about its redesign. That means you, Roger Ebert.

According to the Bitly blog:

In the week since our release, we’re already making adjustments, so that saving and shortening links in the new bitly is a whole lot easier. Now, when you paste a link into the “Paste a link here…” box at the top of the page, it will be instantly saved when you paste it (no second click needed)— and the shortlink will be right there ready for you to copy.

Less clicking! That’s all an avid Internet user can really ask for, right?

2gether 4ever

IFTTT Integrates With Bitly, Hopefully Placating the Internet

Screen Shot 2012-06-05 at 5.14.02 PM

Bitly taketh away, but bitly also giveth. That redesign inspired the wrath of the Internet, but, as though to placate professional scourers of the Internet, the link sharing service is now integrating with IFTTT (If This Then That). You guys happy now?

IFTTT allows users to create tasks so that if something happens, the service will do something else. So you could set an IFTTT to get an email when it rains, or receive an alert whenever someone specific tweets. The bitly integration makes it possible to automatically tweet any link you shorten (that is, provided you’ve figured out how to shorten links on the new bitly).

Already popular: saving starred Google Reader items as private Bitmarks and sharing Bitmarks on Tumblr. By God, you will learn to use Bitmarks and, what’s more, you will learn to love and appreciate them.

Only tangentially related: We kinda miss the hapless-looking old puffer fish. Who is this smiley new guy?

UPDATED: Turns out there’s a kink worth mentioning. This reporter’s Twitter just spat out a Bitmark for a National Geographic article regarding puffer fish. Presumably, this is the sample Bitmark awaiting every new bitly user, and when we created our IFTTT task to test all the aforementioned processes, out popped the puffer, thereby inspiring at least one fellow Betabeat writer to burst out laughing at our sudden, random taste for nature reporting.


Bitly Responds to Redesign Blowback: ‘Keep the Feedback Coming’


Link sharing service Bitly angered the Internet earlier this week with a convoluted redesign that obscured one of its most favored functionalities, URL shortening for Twitter. Even Roger Ebert was really mad about it, and if anyone is an accurate portrayal of the zeitgeist, it is clearly him.

Following the debacle, Bitly took to its blog to defend itself against the hoards of furious Internet types, writing, “We’ve clearly heard the concerned feedback of our users who were used to the old bitly and relied on our service for daily usage….We’ll continue to quickly iterate based on what we hear from all of you, so keep the feedback coming!” Read More