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Seven Startups That Will Pay Devs, Designers, and ‘Hustlers’ $5,000 To Move to New York City

Come Work in NYC

You’d be hard pressed to find an aspiring banker or model or writer or actor who would need much convincing to move to New York City. Not so with tech folks. In the face of competition from the Valley and giants like Facebook and Twitter, suddenly in our midst, seven startups have banded together for a campaign called Come Work in New York that promises to ply talented developers, designers, and “business people” with $5,000 to help them move to the city if they’re hired. Read More

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Startup News: Black Techies Meetup is Tonight

Mr. Wanamaker.

DIVERSITY. Black Techies Meetup is tonight. “This meetup exists because I was damn tired of being the only black person at other tech meetups,” says Tumblr dev Kyle Wanamaker. “We aim to be a network of developers in NYC interested in becoming better, learning from each other and networking. Developers of all skill levels are welcome, from experienced hardcore, neckbeard hackers, to n00bs. If you want to be awesome, or more awesome, I hope you can find yourself at home here.” 7 p.m., at Tumblr’s HQ. Read More


Hilary Mason Says Twitter’s URL Wrapping Won’t Have Any Effect On [Updated]

The chiefly scientific Ms. Mason

Twitter tweeted out a post today spreading the word that, “We’re about to start wrapping all URLs regardless of their length with the URL wrapper.” But chief scientist Hilary Mason told Betabeat it’s no big deal for “We don’t expect to see any changes,” she emailed.

Ms. Mason pointed out that Twitter has essentially been doing the same thing since August 24th. “The only change is that they will now wrap links under twenty characters, which means that there will actually be tweets longer than 140 characters,” she wrote, adding, “It hasn’t had much of an effect on bitly. We provide public analytics that people love!” Read More

Faster Faster Acquires Twitterfeed, Expanding Real-Time Empire

Between, Chartbeat and Socialflow, betaworks has one of the largest and most up-to-date data sets on the real-time information flowing through Twitter.

Today the betaworks announced it had acquired Twitterfeed, which currently has almost 4 million users exporting their RSS feeds to Twitter and Facebook, and was already a close partner of the betaworks. The acquistion will simply deepen the integration between the two, explain Peter Stern, who became CEO back in May.

perils Goes Down Due to Libyan Conflict

We’ve bounced this tidbit back and forth a few times at Betabeat, but it seems like the turmoil in Libya has finally had a concrete impact on a site using that nation’s .ly domain.

“Last week the agency we used to register the domain was taken down as a side effect of the war Read More