Qwiki Partners with Bing to Create Playable, Visual Search Results

Mr. Imbruce (Photo: Twitter)

If you read anything about interactive media startup Qwiki today, you probably ran into the trope that the New York-based startup had “disappeared” over the last year. And it’s true, to some extent–we hadn’t thought about Qwiki since shortly after its 2011 launch. But Doug Imbruce, Qwiki’s cofounder and CEO, strongly disagrees with this assessment.

“These reporters like to compress the tech hype cycles even more than they already are,” Mr. Imbruce told Betabeat over the phone today with a laugh. “We launched one of the year’s most popular iPad apps that won an award. We’ve increased traffic. I don’t know if we went underground, but our whole vision was always for not just a reference experience but also to release a publishing platform and ultimately develop a new media format. That takes time.” Read More

Booting Up

Booting Up: The State of the Internet Edition

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Hope you aren’t holding your breath ’til you can register that .money address. The expansion of top-level domain names has reportedly morphed into a “bug-plagued mess.” [CNNMoney]

Now here’s a blast from the pre-Internet past: Microsoft has partnered with Encyclopedia Britannica and will  now prominently feature its information in Bing results. [TechCrunch]

Sounds like the legal community is losing patience with the patent wars. A judge just canceled the Apple-Motorola trial, because neither could prove damages. [Reuters]

There sure are a lot of dudes on Airtime. Hey Sean Parker, maybe another way to make the Internet less boring would be to interest more women in your service? Spitballing here. [BusinessWeek]

The U.N. is mulling a tax on American Internet companies. Good luck with that, guys. [CNET]

North Korea has discovered cyberwar. [ZDnet]