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Malware Is Your Punishment For Using Bing

Malware selfie. (Photo: Hahsgram)

Perhaps Binging it too often has some unintended and harmful side effects. According to a new study from a German security firm, the Microsoft-owned search engine is five times more likely to link you to a malware-infected page than Google.

In a high-tech humblebrag, AV-Test Institute reported that its initial suspicions that Google and Bing do a poor job of protecting their users from delivering Trojan-laden websites were correct. But Google isn’t really a winner here: it’s just that it did a less shitty job of indexing infected websites compared to Bing. Read More


Map to Track Travels of Nonexistent Magical Person Fuels Microsoft vs. Google Feud


The NORAD Santa tracker, a cute little tool that helped kids everywhere track Santa’s trip around the globe on Christmas Eve, has been around for ages, first starting as a phone service and then transitioning to the web in the late ’90s. For the last five years, the service has been using Google Maps to display Santa’s progress, but this year it seems that Google may have been bumped to the naughty list. Read More

Searching Towards Bethlehem

Microsoft Asks ‘Are You Being Scroogled?’ in Hilariously Melodramatic Anti-Google Campaign

Grrr! (Screencap: Scroogled)

Bing still trails far behind Google in search engine rankings, and Microsoft is just not having any of it. After launching Bing It On, a test that attempted to show that Bing occasionally surfaces better search results than Google, Microsoft has introduced its newest attack on the GOOG: an anti-Google Shopping site called Scroogled. Get it? Like Screw + Google? Read More

Reality Check

Bing Spokeswoman and Former Hills Star Kristin Cavallari Swears She No Longer Uses Google


Kristin Cavallari descended on Silicon Alley this morning to judge a Halloween costume contest at Spirit Halloween. Why was the former Hills star jumping around the alley judging silly contests in the middle of the day? Well, the ghoulish competition was sponsored by Bing, which KCav now endorses.

Ms. Cavallari just had her baby ten weeks ago and she looks like she did in the first season of Laguna Beach. While all of the other reporters were busy asking her about little Camden Jack, Betabeat wanted to know if Ms. Cavallari was actually in fact a Bing user or if she was still searching with Google on the sly. Read More

Revenge of the Nerds

Tech Homecoming Forces New York’s Tech Community to Relive High School Traumas

Clear eyes, full hearts, can't deal. (

Old wounds were pried open this morning with the announcement of Tech Homecoming, an event sponsored by the likes of Bing and Sailthru that promises to immediately launch members of New York’s tech community into a painful round of high school reminiscences.

The event includes everything that made you long for sweet, sweet escape to college the first time around: a most popular contest, something called “football” and an awkward dance where hopefully Mayor Bloomberg will be on hand as chaperone, to chastise you for “bump and grinding.”

We look forward to dodging the mandatory pep rally in favor of dicking around in the debate office, right next to the computer lab full of engineers who were conspicuously absent from the list of honorees, probably because they were too busy–pardon the expression–fucking shipping.

Because, in all seriousness, for an industry compromised of people who try their damndest to avoid conventional wisdom, putting everyone in little boxes (literally!) feels painfully retrograde. There’s a reason we said tech needs to get uncool again. Read More


Booting Up: Bezos Is Right Behind You Edition

MWAHAHA! (Photo:

Amazon is carpeting the country with distribution centers, thereby creeping ever-closer to next-day delivery and the possibility of sealing its complete dominance over all retail. Hail, Bezos! [New York Times]

Sorry, Jeff, but Walt Mossberg says he can’t quite sign off on the claim that the Kindle Fire HD is “the best tablet at any price.” [AllThingsD]

For those keeping score at home, there are now 500 million Android devices. [Fast Company]

Tesla plans to build an SUV. In the future, even the mildest-mannered, most ozone-conscious environmentalist will be able to his own modest tank. [Wired]

Microsoft has an uphill battle if they want to make “Bing it” happen. Why? Because it sounds lame. [Fast Company]

Tech and the City

Uptown, Celebrities Get Their Hands Dirty for Bing

Ms. Richie gets to work.

It was a scorching 90-degree summer afternoon yesterday in Harlem’s Jacob H. Schiff Playground, where volunteers were sweating through their white, heart-adorned CITYarts t-shirts. Dedicated teenagers donned plastic gloves to submerge their hands into gooey buckets of plaster, painstakingly replacing the thousands of one-inch tiles that comprise the park’s Pieces for Peace mural. And standing in the middle of these sweaty teenagers, wearing equally tacky plastic gloves and black aprons, were none other than a mega-diva (Nicole Richie), a werewolf (Chaske Spencer) and a witch (Kat Graham).

Ms. Richie (who needs no introduction), Mr. Spencer (who plays the leader of the Twilight saga’s werewolf pack) and Ms. Graham (who plays the witch Bonnie in the CW’s Vampire Diaries), joined Corbin Bleu, Nigel Barker, Maria Menounos and Karlie Kloss on Tuesday to help restore the Harlem park’s mural, originally designed by CITYarts in 2005 as a way to celebrate cultural diversity after the September 11th attacks.

The mural restoration is part of Bing’s Summer of Doing and kicks off “The Hunt: 11 Days of Doing,” hosted by Microsoft’s search engine, as well as and Lenovo. DoSomething, Bing and CITYarts partnered up to help restore the park due to its importance in the community. Read More

startup rundown

Startup News: Kickstarter Expands to the U.K.; Bing Volunteerism Comes to Harlem


Stay tuned Kickstarter announced via tweet yesterday that, starting this fall, U.K. residents will be able to use the crowdfunding platform to launch their own projects. Currently, although people anywhere can give money to projects on the site, only individuals based in the U.S. can launch projects and receive funding.

Advise away Tout’d, a new digital forum for personalized recommendations, launched last week. As a social media platform and referral space, the app for iOS and Android enables users to ask for advice from friends as well as share recommendations ranging from restaurants and gadgets to professional referrals.

Sell now Join M&A professionals this Thursday at General Assembly for the first Startup Exit event on the East Coast. With a focus on social commerce and online retail and fashion, the evening will feature a fireside chat with Etsy’s Director of Strategic Finance, Carrington Williams, and well as a panel featuring the CEOs of Thrillist, dotBox and OpenSky. Tickets are required. Read More