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Thanks a Lot, Technology: Citi Bike Sharing Delays Blamed on Software Issues

CitiBike hacked.

Hey, remember that Citi-branded public bike-sharing program that was supposed to launch this month? Well, don’t hold your breath. The launch has been delayed until some point in the future. Why is that? We’re afraid the software just does not work.

Maybe Facebook really is sucking the city dry of its supply of engineers.

Capital New York reports that Hizzoner provided a little detail this morning: “The software doesn’t work yet, and we’re not gonna put it in until it does, period,” he said, adding:

“The one thing is, the company that does it had some software problems, changed one of their software vendors, and until they get it right, we’re just not gonna install it.”

Note that he offered no horizon for the program’s eventual advent, which sounds to us like good news for peer-to-peer bike-sharing startup Spinlister, which launched back in April.