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Introducing The Roger, the Mini Design Mag Obsessed With Your Office Space

Ms. Baggio (

We first noticed The Roger Magazine when The Huffington Post included it as a source in a roundup of interesting startup office spaces. We were confused about why we’d never heard of it– the online magazine, distributed via¬†Issuu, is gorgeous and professional looking, even on our cracked, dirty Macbook screen.

Turns out we’d never heard of it because it’s actually a small side project from four New York City women, all of whom have full time jobs, and who work on the magazine in their free time. You’d never know that just by looking at it, though–the whole thing looks so damn professional. Read More


Social Media’s Tentacles Have Grasped Jon Bond

The long arms of social media have embraced Jon Bond

Longtime advertising executive Jon Bond has joined the social media marketing agency Big Fuel Communications as CEO, showing that even veterans of Madison Ave. are betting on the marketing powers of Facebook and Twitter.

Social media marketing got a boost after Old Spice shook heaven and earth with a series of YouTube Read More