Venture Capitalism’s Secret Sauce for Raising $40 M.? Show Them Your Data and Don’t ‘Slut Around’

Mr. Goldberg. (

For any startup looking to raise venture funding–or even VCs trying to figure out what entrepreneurs want (where is Mel Gibson on that, anyways?)–Jason “Prince of Pivoting” Goldberg offers a transparent look at how he went about raising $40 million for led by the likes of Andreessen Horowitz.

In Mr. Goldberg’s case, he faced the added pressure of not having time to go through the usual dog-and-pony show during the run-up to’s first ever holiday season. (Yes, that’s right, that $40 million came just six months after the company swerved from a gay social network to a flash sales site for design.)

So the serial entrepreneur decided to do things a little differently. Read More