Geeking Out

What’s Up With the NBA Tickets Already for Sale on SeatGeek?


Betabeat was working this morning and not looking for Knicks tickets on company time when we wandered over to SeatGeek, the hometown sports tickets aggregator, and typed in a search forĀ NBA games. In the event you haven’t heard: NBA players and team owners recently announced a tentative agreement to restart the season on December 25 after a long contract negotiation stalemate ended. Imagine our surprise when we saw what appeared to be a normal season. Read More


The Inevitable Groupon Stock Apocalypse is Here, and The Face Of It is Some Drunk Kid We Met at a House Party


Remember that time that one daily deals company IPO’d, and everyone was really excited about it, except for those crazy, mean naysayers (like Google searches for it) who were like, “this will not end well because Groupon is basically a very sophisticated Ponzi scheme” and made flow charts that may have suggested this?

Well, guess what? Today, those people are eating Correct Sandwiches for lunch. Read More