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The Trailer for the Wikileaks Movie Promises Lots of Riveting Computering

There's lots of code cause hackers, get it? (Photo: screencap)

Guess this thing is really happening: Behold, the trailer for The Fifth Estate, the upcoming cinematic take on Wikileaks. It’s heavy on the standing around staring at ~code~ on computer screens and also government types yelling, topped off with a blonde Benedict Cumberbatch doing a not-bad impression of Julian Assange.

Tumblr is, of course, already flooded with GIFs and screencap collages lovingly assembled by Mr. Cumberbatch’s fanatical followers. Can’t wait for the inevitable Sherlock/Wikileaks fanfic crossover:  Read More

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Walking Internet Avatar Benedict Cumberbatch Reportedly in Talks to Play Alan Turing in Biopic

(Photo: Zap2It)

This should delight the Sherlock fangirls on Tumblr: Benedict Cumberbatch, who’s currently shooting The Fifth Estate, in which he plays controversial Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, is reportedly in talks to take on his next awesomely nerdy role. Deadline reports that Mr. Cumberbatch may be gearing up to play Alan Turing in a biopic about the famous British mathematician’s life. Read More