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Amid Anger Over Anti-Abortion Post, Buzzfeed Says It’s Still Figuring Out Whether To ‘Draw Lines’

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BuzzFeed came under fire today after the viral site ran a post slamming Planned Parenthood.

“8 Outrageous Things Planned Parenthood Was Caught Doing,” submitted by a community contributor, the anti-abortion group PersonhoodUSA, has unsurprisingly not been a hit with BuzzFeed’s core readership.

BuzzFeed editor in chief Ben Smith said that the site is still figuring out aspects of opening up BuzzFeed’s platform to community contributors.  Read More

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Rumor Roundup: Alexis Ohanian Took a Trip to the Jersey Shore and Lo Bosworth Popped by Mashable, Of All Places

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Cooling Last month, Tumblr CEO David Karp sallied forth to the Cannes Lions festival/advertising love-in, as part of a charm offensive meant to convince potential clients they should flog their brands on the social network.

He also took the time to sit down beachside with an NBC anchor, singing the praises of fancy-pants advertising: “If you took all the ads out of Vogue, one it would be a much smaller magazine, but two it would be much less the magazine. those ads are great content, they’re a big part of the experiences,” he said. “What we’re here this week to do is to push more of those most creative advertisers to make ads that make Tumblr better, that make for more great, fun stuff on Tumblr to enjoy.”

He looked like the frontman for an early 2000s indie rock band making an appearance on an MTV Spring Break special, which is a great little symbol for how users are going to flip if they decide Tumblr’s selling out. Read More

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One Funding Announcement That Probably Won’t Restore Your Faith in Humanity: BuzzFeed Raises $20M

BuzzFeed raises $20M to build Snackadium.

BuzzFeed, the Internet’s biggest time suck, announced in a press release today that it has raised $20 million in a series D round led by NEA Ventures, bringing its total raised to $46.3. In addition to churning out more image-heavy listicles and starting spats with fellow popular Internet properties like Gawker and The Oatmeal, BuzzFeed intends to use the money to “build the next great media company.” Read More

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BuzzFeed Strikes Again! Poaches From Gizmodo for New Tech Site


BuzzFeed announced its next fully staffed beta will be (as we suspected) tech coverage. The startup has poached again to fill out the new masthead, nabbing Matt Buchanan from Gizmodo and John Herrman from Popular Mechanics. The two bloggers are BuzzFeed’s lastest in a string of hires from other publications that included Rosie Gray of the Village Voice and Doree Shafrir of

Mr. Smith “had admired the work Matt did at Gizmodo and had him and John recommended to me by a long list of people I really trust,” he told Betabeat in an email. Read More


BuzzFeed Scooped CNN Last Night

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BuzzFeed had arguably one of its first big scoops last night since it hired Politico rockstar Ben Smith earlier this month, beating the major media outlets. “McCain To Endorse Romney Tomorrow,” is the headline on the un-bylined post, slipped to the blog by a “well-placed former McCain aide” early this morning. It must have tasted sweet to read the words, “News of the endorsement was first reported by BuzzFeed Politics,” on CNN’s version of the story, now the top result in Google News. Read More