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Big Data Funding Gets Bigger: IA Ventures Raised $105 M, Double Its Previous Fund


IA Ventures, the New York City-based firm with a big data fetish, just announced that it raised $105 million towards a second fund. That’s more than double the $50 million seed fund IA Ventures founder Roger Ehrenberg raises in 2010.

With this new fund, Mr. Ehrenberg told TechCrunch, IA Ventures will be able lead seed rounds as well as series A and B rounds and follow a company through its growth. Previously, IA gravitated towards pre-revenue companies “between a Powerpoint and a prototype.” Those companies, says TechCrunch, require more “hands-on work,” and with Fund II, IA Ventures will be able to diversify its portfolio into both seed-stage and later-stage companies.

TechCrunch’s post on the new fund set off a chain of negative responses on Twitter, unrelated to IA Ventures, but rather to do with a theory Erick Schonfeld slipped into the piece about the difference between East Coast and West Coast investors below. Read More

The Data Deluge

Putting Their Mouth Where Their Money Is: IA Ventures Talks Big Data

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Roger Ehrenberg started with a career on Wall Street, but he’s become one of the most respected and sought-after investors in the New York tech scene. He is the founder of IA Ventures, which recently raised a $50 million fund and invests “on the belief that managing and extracting value from massive, occasionally unstructured, often real-time data sets is a competitive advantage.”

Ben Siscovick, a member of the investment team at IA, gave a talk at General Assembly this week to a packed house on the topic of big data. He was nice enough to throw the video up on his Tumblr, so for everyone who was stuck in the office and missed out, let Betabeat drop a little knowledge on ya. Read More