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Nutella-Like Chocolate Beer Spread Finally Invented

(Photo: Selfridges.com)

Sometimes when you’re enjoying a nice cold one, the only logical thought is, “I wish this would congeal so I could put it on toast, maybe with a mild soft cheese.”

Well, a couple of saintly Italians have combined their magical powers of making chocolate and making beer, creating a thick paste that is both beer and chocolate and for some terrible reason did not exist until now. Read More

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High-Tech Fridge Denies Beer to Non-Canadians

She thirsty. (Screengrab: YouTube)

It’s a common problem: you’re walking down the street in a European tourist destination and you come upon a giant fridge with a beer logo on it.

But try as you might, you can’t get it to open. Instead of buying a beer elsewhere, you beckon fellow passersby to show them the cruel appliance. A crowd forms. Finally, a Canadian walks up, slides her passport into the high-tech fridge scanner, and the fridge pops open. Free beer for everyone! (Shhh, don’t worry about laws against drinking in public.) Read More

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Lost Tribes Brew Helps Silicon Alley Startups Hit the Ballmer Peak

(Photo: Lost Tribes)

At a recent event hosted by Cashcats.biz and Tumblr, hip New York Internet types milled around in a DUMBO loft space plastered with photos and sculptures of house cats bathing in cash. A DJ booth blasted hip hop from the early aughts as well-dressed girls with Tumblrs mugged for the photobooth camera like it was their first high school prom.

Towards the back of the party, a table was set up where men wearing yarmulkes were exchanging drink tickets for paper cups of beer. At one point the line for drinks, full of plaid-shirted programmers and slight women in glasses, stretched and looped all the way around the room–much to the chagrin of the understaffed bartenders.

These beer-wielding men of faith hail from the local New York brewing company Lost Tribes and have become a staple at startup events around the city. In addition to working with Forced Meme Productions and Cashcats, Lost Tribes also provides beer to startups like Plyfe and Tumblr. The brewery is also in the process of setting up deals with WeWork and GroupMe to serve beer at some of their events. Think of them as the evening version of that other startup perk, Joyride Coffee. Read More