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The Latest Victim of Instagram Rage: Poor Beast Zuckerberg

SO unfair to poor Beast, who is just doing his doggie best to herd that animal.

Mark Zuckerberg’s adorable moppet of a puppy is all grown up and herding sheep these days, it seems. But even his charming resemblance to a dirty mop can’t keep him safe from the Instagram backlash.

Three days ago, Facebook founder posted an Instagram image of his canine companion chasing a barnyard animal. The first comments were limited to Beast’s cuteness. But when TOSgate erupted, the photo of the magnificently filthy monster was flooded with comments from infuriated Instagram users, venting their rage at the man they consider directly responsible for Instagram’s new terms of service. Read More

Facebook Faceoff

Facebook Purging Fake ‘Likes’ as Promised


Facebook is finally following up on its plan to eliminate the phenomenon of fake page or profile ‘likes’ produced by malware or deception. As CNN reports, this has caused noticeable dips in likes on a number of popular pages, such as those for Lady Gaga, The Simpsons and Zynga’s page for Texas HoldEm Poker. We tried and failed to see if the page for Zuck’s dog Beast had taken a hit during the purge, but with 989,000 likes and counting, we think the adorable Hungarian Sheepdog can rest easy, for now.