Booting Up: Candy Crush Is Going Public So Ruminate About That For A While

Candy crushed. (Photo: King)

John Thompson, the man who is responsible for picking Microsoft’s new CEO, doesn’t want the job. In an email to the reporter, he wrote “NO!” in response to the query. [Wall Street Journal]

Candy Crush’s parent company,, filed for a “secret” IPO yesterday. Hope everyone’s ready for another Zynga-like rise and collapse. [Valleywag]

If you guessed $1.6 billion quarterly loss for BlackBerry, well that would be oddly specific, but you’d be correct! Start writing your eulogy now. [TechCrunch]

A new study reports that the BBC is the most engaged news brand (ugh) on Twitter, while BuzzFeed tops on Facebook. [The Wrap]

We’re sure ISPs are bristling with excitement over Netflix’s plan to offer “Super HD” video format to subscribers. [CNet]

Antisocial Media

Science Says Facebook FOMO Is Real, Makes People Feel Like Crap

:( (Photo: Fav IM)

It’s official: Facebook reduces young people’s sense of well-being and satisfaction with life, BBC reports. Phew, we thought we were the only ones who felt a rush of inadequacy whenever perusing the site.

A study tracked participants for two weeks, and “adds to a growing body of research saying Facebook can have negative psychological consequences,” BBC reports. The site is supposed to make people feel more connected, but the findings suggest it does the opposite. Read More

Birds and Bees and Bytes

Angry Nerds: Bird-Watchers Pissed About Ornithology Apps

Actually not the only bird app there is, believe it or not.

If your weird aunt and uncle who home-schooled their children seem to be in a foul mood lately, it may be due to new apps built to disrupt bird-watching, Huffington Post reports.

And it’s not just because app users are cheating compared to people who’ve studied bird noises their entire lives for “fun.” The apps are also confusing to birds who are just trying to chill in their natural environs. From HuffPo: Read More

Pirate's Life

Music Festivals Encourage Sweaty, Molly-Addled Rave Monsters to Pirate MP3s, Spotify Claims

These Glasto revelers totally look like the type to pay for their music. (Photo: Getty)

Young people who attend week-long music festivals to get wasted and rub up against each other may not be the upstanding citizens you thought they were, Spotify’s researchers insist.

Instead, Spotify found that after festivals, youngs are keen to “sample [artists’ music] through unauthorized channels,” which is fancy BBC-speak for stealing music on the Internet. Read More


Watch a Smartphone Make an Old Person Very Sad

Confuzzled, not that we blame him. (Photo: screencap)

Even the most devoted of gadget geeks faces a learning curve upon buying a new smartphone. Among those who grew up with rotary phones, however, the curve looks a little more like a sheer rock face. The BBC recently witnessed this firsthand, on a visit to a Cambridge lab that does user testing with the elderly to figure out how to make a friendlier product. Read More


Booting Up: ‘Difficult’ Jack Dorsey Edition

Oh goodie, it's Monday. (Photo: Cat Food Breath)

Microsoft “accidentally” sent a DMCA takedown notice to Google, asking them to remove pages from TechCrunch, the BBC, Wikipedia and the U.S. Government. Psst… no one cares that much about Windows 8. [TorrentFreak]

Companies are using patents to stifle innovation and the Times is ON IT. [New York Times]

Is EBay staging a pivot? [TechCrunch]

Whoa, you can raise money for a company without Kickstarter? Mind blown. [TechCrunch]

Jack Dorsey apparently got pushed to a backseat role at Twitter because he’s “difficult” to work with. [SiliconBeat]

Speaking of Twitter, who knew CEO Dick Costolo used to be a standup comedian? [New York Times]

No Witnesses

Trend Alert! Skype Murders

The BBC is reporting on a new disturbing trend: murder and other horrific acts committed while someone else was watching on Skype. “It is not surprising that crimes are witnessed on Skype, given the number of registered users—560 million*—and the amount of time they spend using it,” reports the BBC. We… guess not?

*According to a 2010 IPO filing.