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Johnny Depp to Star as a Supercomputer in Christopher Nolan Film About the Singularity

(Photo: Bombed in Outerspace)

Okay, folks: this is not a drill. The Singularity is set to hit the silver screen, with Batman director Christopher Nolan signed on to executive produce.

The Wrap reports that in the film, titled Transcendence and based on a story by Jack Paglen, Johnny Depp “will play a scientist whose brain is uploaded into a supercomputer” while trying to create the first ever sentient computer. Nanotechnology and the Singularity are also said to play pivotal roles in the film, which explains the nerd boner you are currently sporting. Read More

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The Dumbo Arts Festival Wants to Fulfill Your Superman Fantasies

The experience, approximated. (Photo: Dumbo Arts Festival)

Fall is coming and, with it, events that don’t involve roast corn and hawkers of New York Times subscriptions. For the cultured and/or Brooklyn-dwelling among us, there’s the Dumbo Arts Festival, which kicks off in a month, on September 28th. Organizers have just announced that, for the second year in a row, it will feature an enormous, high-tech work of art, courtesy of sponsor AT&T and meant as a gesture to the neighborhood’s status as one corner of the Brooklyn Tech Triangle.

According to the announcement:

Superhero is an interactive projection mapping experience in which participants are transformed into superheroes. Festival-goers will be able to fly over the multi-story façade of the landmark Empire Stores, the massive former coffee house on DUMBO’s Water Street, as well as shrink and enlarge themselves, throw light beams, and more.

Now, if someone could develop the technology to make us look like Anne Hathaway in The Dark Knight Rises, that would be great.

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Russian AntiVirus Maker Wants to Make You Batman For a Day

But first, don't forget to download all your patches! (Photo: CinemaBlend)

This week, in questionable partnerships: The antivirus makers at Kaspersky Labs have teamed up with The Dark Knight Rises for “The People of Gotham City Sweepstakes.” The winner gets to be Batman for a day (though without the onerous crime-fighting responsibilities), because why not?

If the name Kaspersky Labs sounds familiar, that’s probably because it’s the company that figured out the connection between the Flame and Stuxnet viruses.

The contest posits that the villainous Bane has unleashed a devastating computer virus on Gotham, and humbler Interneters like yourself must fight back, by entering this contest. We’re envisioning a frustrated Batman, suited up to bash heads but instead peering over the shoulder of a computer technician, which just sounds thrilling.

In a statement released yesterday, founder and CEO Eugene Kaspersky sounded really, really excited about this contest and about The Dark Knight Rises in general: Read More

When Clicktivists Activate

Internet Defense League Launches Internet Bat Signal for Evil Copyright Bullies and Clueless Lawmakers

The Cat Signal. (internetdefenseleague.org)

So that whole “Internet lobbyist” movement hasn’t quite panned out yet. But hey, here’s some good news for people who love cat videos. The Internet just got its own bat signal, thanks to a gaggle of activists and web entrepreneurs, including Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, who created a virtual advocacy group called the Internet Defense League. Similar to the splash page for a startup yet to launch, the IDL for now just collects email addresses and accepts donations. Read More