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Might Want to Check On Your Synthetic Cannabis. It’s Mutating.


Consumers interested in experimenting with the legally “murky” world of synthetic drugs typically have two options, says MindHack: synthetic cannabinoids (vegetable fibers or plant leaves sprayed with manufactured chemicals that mimic the effect of weed) or stimulants like bath salts (made from synthetic cathinone.)

However, a new study on synthetic cannabinoids from Forensic Science International found a sample that contained both an untested type of synthetic cannabinoid and a “cathinone derivative.” What’s more, researchers found that a chemical reaction between those substances created “an unknown compound.” Read More

According to McAfee

John McAfee Escapes Belize With Aid of Body Double, North Korean Passport


In the future, we won’t need tired spy franchises. The entertainment industry will simply sign up adventurous publicity hunters to create the type of reality viewing experience you might get if you crossed The Game with Total Recall and the Amazing Race.

And when that great day comes, who better to produce the show than John McAfee, the antivirus pioneer and self-promoter extraordinaire who has been publicizing his month-long lam from the Belizean police in blog posts, social media and interviews with the seemingly never-ending line of journalists to travel to the Central American nation seeking interviews.

The latest: Read More

McAfee Speaks

John McAfee Would Like Anonymous to Wait Until ‘I Accidentally Hang Myself’ to Attack Belize

Plotting. (Photo: File)

It’s been a heady month for antivirus pioneer/shotgun enthusiast John McAfee. First, his neighbor was murdered; then, the he was on the run from the Belizean police; finally, he became a media sensation, captivating reporters with tales of clever disguises and the terrors of Central American prisons.

Well, just because the major networks have taken their microphones away doesn’t mean Mr. McAfee has stopped talking. He continues to blog up a storm at the blog/graphic novel marketing site whoismcafee.com, and just yesterday he did Infowars and Joe Rogan.

So what’s on Mr. McAfee’s mind? Bath salts, for one thing. Read More

Law and Order

Murder Suspect and Bath Salts Enthusiast John McAfee Claims He’s Innocent

Alive. (Photo: PC Mag)

John McAfee, creator of the anti-virus software your parents run on their desktop computer, is wanted by Belizean police for the alleged murder of his neighbor, fellow American expat Gregory Faull. Now he’s on the lam, hiding from law enforcement who he claims will kill him if he’s brought in for questioning. Perhaps his paranoia can be chalked up to his documented penchant for bath salts and other psychoactive drugs? Read More