Over The Aereo

BarryDriller.Com Is an Aereo Competitor And Not, As You Suspected, a Gay Porn Site

(Photo: BarryDriller.com)

If you got word that someone purchased the domain name BarryDriller.com–that’s Driller, with an “r”–what would you assume you’d find therein? Reared on a steady diet of innuendo-laden Gawker posts about the IAC chairman’s “Sexy All-Boy Thanksgiving” or “His Hot Gay Facebook Friend,” one naturally pictures a delightful, tongue-in-cheek video series about an accomplished media mogul carousing, yacht-bound, with his young friends.

BarryDriller.com, as it turns out, is nowhere near as fun. Mr. Diller himself seems to agree, telling The Wall Street Journal, “I had hoped that if they steal my name they’d do it for something more provocative.” You and me both, mister.   Read More