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Dogs, Kids, Coffee, Undies: There’s a Subscription Startup for That

The elusive Birchbox Man.

Entrepreneurs and investors are bullish on delivery. Shoedazzle may be the original delivery gangster, and the L.A.-based company launched in 2009. But it seems that it’s as of very recently that subscription services became the new black; or at least the new flash sale or the new daily deal. Birchbox, the startup that sends subscribers a curated box of cosmetic goodies every month, raised a $10.5 million series A last year led by Accel Partners and has been growing like a patch of weeds, claiming 45,000 paying subscribers in June

Paid customers are a rare breed in the world of internet startups. And although the model has its doubters, as every new business gimmick does, subscription services are taking off in a big way. Investors are running around saying, “Birchbox is printing money!” one source told Betabeat, imagining that if it works for makeup, it could work for other things. How many times have you read the headline “It’s BirchBox for ____” in the last year? Read More