Oh Snap

Britain’s Prestigious Eton College Thinks Banning Snapchat Will Curb Sexting

Selfie. (Photo: Tumblr)

Eton College, the all-boys British boarding school that has produced the likes of Prince Harry and Bear Grylls, has banned Snapchat out of fears that the boys were exposing too much of their union jacks with each other.

According to the Telegraph, the elite school has barred students from accessing the app over the school’s wifi out of fears of sexting. Students can still use Snapchat over their cellular network, but the school’s headmaster (obviously) said the ban is to diffuse some its frisky students from oversharing. Read More


Duh, Casinos Aren’t Going to Let You Use Glass to Cheat at Blackjack

They'll come after you. (Photo: NBC)

Perhaps restrooms are the only place you might be able to wear Google Glass. Taking a cue from strip clubs, several state gaming commissions are barring the face computers from the premises for fear that people might use them to–what else?–cheat.

Earlier this week, New Jersey’s Division of Gaming Enforcement issued a memo to a dozen casinos banning gamblers from wearing the camera-equipped devices inside. The ban follows similar edicts in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Ohio, and Connecticut.  Read More