Love in the Time of Algorithms

Friend Banging App ‘Down’ Adds Anonymous Texts For You to Creep Even Harder

It's truly this easy! (Screengrab via App Store)

The app formerly known as Bang With Friends, Down, is introducing a private messaging feature for users who think they can woo potential partners via anonymous text.

Down matches people with other people who are, in the parlance of our times, DTF. Simply open the app and check off which Facebook friends you’d like to bang. Then, wait for someone, anyone, please, to reciprocate. If they do, the two of you are free to, shall we say, liaise. And if you pick someone who’s not into you, they’ll never know you wanted them.

The new anonymous messaging app extends Down to contacts who haven’t downloaded the app yet. Read More


Booting Up: Zynga and Bang With Friends End Lawsuit Dispute, Hug

All about those Bitcoi(Photo: Insider Monkey)

Tis the season for Amazon to staff up for the holidays. It’s planning to hire 70,000 workers–an increase of 40 percent from last year. [USA Today]

Facebook has tweaked its settings for Graph Search…again. Now posts on your profile that aren’t made private are openly searchable. Or something. [VentureBeat]

Zynga and Bang With Friends have settled their trademark dispute although terms weren’t disclosed. However, BWF is hinting at their new future at [AllThingsD]

Manhattan and the outer boroughs is going to be blanketed in even more free Wi-Fi by December. [The Verge]

Science and tech departments, like NASA, will be largely affected by today’s government shutdown. [CNet]

Love in the Time of Algorithms

Bang With Friends Is Back in the App Store, But Now It’s Just Called ‘Down’

u down bb? (photo: BWF)

Three months ago, Bang with Friends got booted from the App Store for being just plain salacious. But today brings good news for those of you iPhone users desperate for the dirty (unless you’ve already moved on to Tinder): TechCrunch reports that the service is available once more for download, though it’s been renamed the decidedly more generic “Down.”

You know, as in DTF. Read More


While Scouring the House for Spare Change, Zynga Decided to Sue Bang With Friends


Devoid of any other ideas to generate cash, Zynga is now suing the owners of Bang With Friends because the Words with Friends owner feels the name is infringing on its trademark.

The struggling mobile gaming studio develops popular games that commonly end with the “With Friends” moniker (Words, Chess, Running, etc.) and asserts that Bang With Friends used it to gain popularity.  Read More


Booting Up: Meet the CEBros Behind Bang With Friends

Colin Hodge. (Photo: Valleywag)

Meet Colin Hodge, the 28-year-old CEBro behind Bang with Friends, the “sex positive brogrammer in search of a viral loop.”  [Valleywag]

Digg’s CEO described its upcoming Google Reader replacement as “very clean, very simple, and very fast.” It’s expected to be released at the end of June. [Fast Company]

Nobody knows what’s going on with the acquisition of Waze. It’s now rumored that Google is interested in purchasing the Israeli company. Betabeat might buy it too, who knows. [TechCrunch]

Lyft, the on-demand ridesharing app for normals, raised $60 million in funding led by Andreessen Horowitz. [Business Insider]

A “bookless library” is set to open in Texas offering 100 e-readers for loan if you needed another reason not to move to San Antonio. [Salon]

Love in the Time of Algorithms

Here’s a Cool Way to See Which of Your Friends Uses ‘Bang With Friends’


It’s really just not a good day for those of us with sexual urges. However, it’s a great day for doxxing. First there was the life-altering news about photos on Snapchat never being fully dissolved, and now all of your friends can see that you are using Bang With Friends and also are a pervert.

The Daily Dot writes about the hypocrisy of the hack since the app labels itself as “completely private.” First log into Facebook, then click on this link, and that’s it. Nobody from our results was too unexpected since it was just a mish-mosh of our experimental writer friends (for journalism) and horny bros, but it’s still amusing. Read More

Love in the Time of Algorithms

Sex By Southwest: We Hung Out with Bangs With Friends

photo (1)

“I got my first match!” one of the cofounders of Bang With Friends told Betabeat earlier this week as we scarfed down free grilled cheese on the curb outside the Austin Convention Center. Around us, hordes of lanyard-wearing South by Southwest attendees swarmed by, eyes firmly fixed on their smartphones.

Unfortunately, the match–facilitated on the since-banned Bangs with SXSW specialty site–wasn’t a lust connection. “It happened at 3 or 4 am, so I was already too far gone at that point.” Read More