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Mr. Cringely Calls Bullshit on ISP Bandwidth Caps


American Internet service providers (ISPs) are fond of flashing graphs like the one to the left because they’re a great visual aid when you’re trying to argue in favor of bandwidth caps.  Look, if you want to stream Netflix from the moment you get off work until you pass out like some gross little bandwidth piggy, you’re going to have to pay for it. We can’t just keep giving you the internet for free. If we don’t charge more, we go out of business and no internet for you! But TechCrunch pointed us towards this post from tech columnist and author Robert X. Cringely giving lie to the notion that without caps ISPs will go out of business.Even Mr. Cringely’s mom isn’t buying it:

“Most of the press coverage of this issue comes down on the side of consumers but lately the ISP publicity machine has been revved-up and we’re being told that bandwidth caps are necessary, even inevitable. This is, as my 87 year-old Mom would say, BS.” Read More