Staying Lean?

Trim the Fat, But Keep the Flavor: The Problem With the Lean Startup Model


This is a guest post by Jacek Grebski, COO of Badger, and a board member at the Bowery Arts & Sciences. You can find more of his musings at

The Lean Startup model seems to be present everywhere you turn these days–any methodology that seeks to improve the success rate of young companies is welcome, and this is especially true when new enterprise is needed more than ever to add kindling to the economic fire. However, there is an undeniable problem with this proposed methodology: Eric Ries is largely selling 336 pages of obvious, while simultaneously making assumptions that would be effective in only a handful of startups, and surely not in an across-the-board situation as advertised.

As with any management ideology, there is of course both the good and the bad, so how’s about we take a quick looksee. Read More

The Start-Up Rundown

Start-Up News: Vayable Launch, Airbnb Rebirth, and a Place Where There Are No Strangers


VIABLE?, the world’s first experience sharing platform, launched last week in New York City.  “The company began operations less than four months ago, growing a passionate community in their hometown of San Francisco and has quickly gained popularity in key national and international markets.” New York was a natural next stop, said founder and CEO Jamie Wong, who came up with the idea while working at The Daily Show.

“ is a new service that lets anyone discover and book great things directly from others in the community, providing a dynamic and compelling alternative to dusty guidebooks and double-decker bus tours.  Individuals are making money offering diverse experiences such as a private concert in a concert pianist’s downtown Manhattan loft, a fashion model sketching session with an instructor at Parsons, and a tour of Wall Street hosted by a Bloomberg TV reporter.” Read More