Booting Up: Get PSYCHED For a Facebook News Feed Revamp

Zuck listening to the Black-Eyed Peas' "I Got a Feeling." (Photo: In the Capital)

Today Facebook will probably be unveiling a revamp of its News Feed, complete with content-specific streams like a photo feed. Also: bigger, better ads. [TechCrunch]

“Nightmare bacteria” are officially a thing, resistant to antibiotics and haunting your worst hospital-related dreams. So if anybody’s got any really clever public-health ideas, now’s the time. [Washington Post]

“Once I emerged from a coding bender with a fine, downy moss on my legs and trunk, a colony of moths in my hair. Are you honestly ready to bring such a symphony of efficiency to a halt?” [Tim Sniffen]

The EU has no intention of letting U.S.-based tech companies ignore its stringent data-protection laws. [Bloomberg]

But the EU might also be walking back some of its strictest rules. [ZD Net]

Apparently Carl Icahn is being a party-pooper about Dell’s attempt to go private. [Reuters]