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Toddler Accidentally Buys Car on eBay

Let's hope her tastes aren't too expensive! (Flickr, atomicjeep)

Here’s yet another piece of evidence to suggest that digital natives who’re barely out of diapers will soon be bossing us all around: KPTV reports that recently, thanks to the miracles of intuitive app design, a toddler barely a year old managed to use her father’s smartphone to order a car on Ebay.

That’ll teach her parents to try to make her take that nap. Read More


Terrify Your Friends and Family with a 3D-Printed Fetus of Your New Offspring

Say hello to the alien passenger in your uterus! (Screencap  via)

The list of use cases for 3D printing just keeps growing. Making the rounds once more, this time courtesy of the New York Daily News, is an offering from a Japanese company that will sell proud parents-to-be a 3D printed model of their in-womb fetus. The mouse-sized creation comes encased in clear, baby-bump-shaped resin.

Should make for a great paperweight, and/or nightmare fuel for your toddler. Read More


Booting Up: Terms on Service on Your Terms Edition

Should've read the terms of service.

The cost of Google’s purchase of Frommer’s is said to be $23 million. At that price, how could they not buy it? [New York Times]

At last, a service that flags troublesome clauses lurking deep within those terms of service agreements you don’t read. No longer need you fear becoming part of a human CentiPad. [TechCrunch]

The latest addition to Facebook’s timeline: “Expecting a Baby.” The folks are going to love this. [Facebook]

The Pentagon is testing “hypersonic” flight technology that makes the Concorde (R.I.P.) look lame. Try New York to London in an hour. You can’t even get to Bay Ridge that fast. [CNN]

In the future, we will all telecommute via iPads on wheels with giraffe-like necks. [The Verge]

Baby Baby Baby

Chrome Extension Replaces Annoying Newsfeed Photos of Babies with Pics of Bacon, Cats


It’s a common complaint amongst the Facebookerati: we enjoy interacting with friends, but hate seeing pictures of their stupid babies. The older you get, the more clogged with engagement announcements and ultrasounds and creepy family photos your Newsfeed becomes.

Lucky for you, Chris Baker, the author of The Elements of Fucking Style as well as a plethora of weird Internet properties, created a Chrome extension to tackle this first world problem. It’s called, and it replaces all photos of babies in your Newsfeed with “awesome stuff.” Read More