Guy Attaches Helium Balloons to House, Soars Into Sky Like Up Character

(Photo: Laurentiu Garofeanu/Barcroft, DailyMail)

The whimsical scene from the 2009 movie Up has been burned into the imaginations of Pixar fans everywhere: an elderly man attaches hundreds of balloons to his house and takes to the sky, soaring above the city. Most people figured it to be an impossible feat, but not 38-year-old Jonathan Trappe. A balloon enthusiast, dude actually boarded a house with 365 helium balloons attached to it and ascended into the sky at the Leon International Balloon Festival in Mexico. Read More

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FYI, You Can Insert Animated GIFs Into Emails With Gmail

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Hey guys, what’s up? Cool. Nothing’s really going on here at Betabeat, except that we just learned the best thing ever: In Gmail, you can insert animated GIFs into emails. Wooo.

This is a total game changer, communication-wise. Attaching a GIF just doesn’t possess the same panache. And what if your friends aren’t on Gchat to receive your (undoubtedly witty) IMs to Tumblr GIFs? These are serious problems that people like you and me grapple with every single day.

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